Lint Roller with Cover 60 Sheet & 3 Refills 60 Sheets Each for Dog Hair Removal, Dust Free Clothes & Furniture

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About this item

  • Pack contains 1 sticky lint roller with 60 sheets + 3 Refills with 60 sheets each. Hence total 240 Sheets.
  • The lint roller uses the special adhesive paper material. It can clean all kinds of dirt such as thin hair, fabric fibbed, paper on the suit, bedding products, cloth, sofa, blankets and so on.
  • Without cover, the sticky paper is exposed and hence attracts dust and also sticks to its surroundings.
  • The cover is a very useful addition as it allows you to conveniently store the lint roller.
  • Our handle's design is more flexible, it can be rolled all directions. Exceptionally durable and strong, our ergonomic handle ensures a light, comfortable control and effectively captures all unsightly hair, fur, and dust.

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